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Jacquelyn Popkoff, a native of the Bay Area peninsula, possesses a deep-rooted passion for empowering businesses to thrive amidst the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, sales, and customer engagement. With a rich background spanning web management, IT operations, sales, marketing, and event coordination, Jacquelyn brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as a business consultant.

Her educational journey in astrophysics and data science has equipped her with a robust foundation in analytical thinking and problem-solving, which she seamlessly integrates into her consulting approach. Jacquelyn's proficiency extends to a diverse array of technical skills, encompassing various operating systems, computer languages, software applications, and website editors, ensuring adaptability to the unique needs of each client.

Throughout her career, Jacquelyn has collaborated with a diverse clientele, including organizations such as the California Society of Environmental Analyst (CSEA) and the Lake County Cannabis Alliance (LCCA). In these roles, she has played instrumental parts in developing online presences, curating marketing materials, and providing invaluable IT consulting services.

Jacquelyn's commitment to personalized support and tailored strategies is evident in her collaborative approach with clients. Whether it's implementing new operations, refining branding strategies, or boosting ecommerce sales, Jacquelyn works closely with businesses to understand their distinct challenges and goals, crafting customized solutions to drive sustainable growth.

For individuals seeking expert guidance rooted in experience, education, and a genuine dedication to business success, Jacquelyn Popkoff offers a strategic partnership aimed at elevating businesses to new heights in today's competitive marketplace.

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